I was first interested in crochet through seeing adorable small stuffed animals on the web and needed to know how to create my own - this was when I discovered amigurumi (the japanese art of crocheting cute stuffed toys) It then became a gateway to yarny crafts and to colourful stripey blanket gorgeousness as I was introduced to the granny square and ripples and straight rows upon rows of colourful yarn-iness!

A couple of my first amigurimi makes

My 'attic24' blanket

In my excitement to get started on crocheting my first blanket I may not have taken the time to work out a good pattern, and as a programmer I don't really 'do' random very well! :)

So at the time I had wished there was a tool I could use to create my stripey pattern and that would give me an idea of what the end result would look like. I did find one however the colours were not as close to my yarn in real life as I liked. So that is why I have created my own Stripe Pattern Generator! I started with the Stylecraft DK special colours as it seems to be a very popular yarn to make cosy blankets with (plus these are the colours I have in my own stash!)

I find it so addictive creating new patterns and wanted to share it in the hope that it is useful to other crafters out there!


I am hoping to put in more yarn colour ranges and also more features - please feel free to drop me an email with any suggestions or comments: amandystripes @ gmail . com